Graphic Design


Cliente: Snap-on


The tool

The tool is superior to any other tool available on the market and its power is really intimidating. Due to its speed, this tool generates a really intense wind with which you could see the idea coming...

The idea

After several days of working on the creative process, we got to the conclusion that a tornado was the most faithful reflection of the tool.

The environment

We traveled around many provinces looking for the ideal environment and we found prairies that looked like the perfect place for the formation of a tornado. We waited for windy days in order to take the photographs of shaking plants as you can see on the poster.

How did we make it?

The were many aspects which were added layer after layer to give the image its drama. Photography, special FX, 3D, compositions and many others were necessary to create an enraged environment. The wind is one of the main factors and to capture how the environment would react, with hundreds of leaves and objects flying, was our great challenge.

The tornado: “the big challenge”

many hours were spent in trying to figure out the best way to represent the tornado regarding techniques and realism. After many attempts we realized that the best was to draw it first on paper and then retouch it digitally.



A tornado of talent

There is no doubt about the power and concept this image conveys. Instead of looking idle, it communicates movement and power. Pure talent...