Graphic Design

Space Aligner

Cliente: John Bean

Space Aligner

Technology moves forward and that's why John Bean, in USA, is state-of-the-art concerning workshop tools. The Prism is the wheel aligner for every vehicle.

The brief

This new John Bean (USA) wheel aligner allows us to do the job from a distance. This means that we dcan align the wheels of a vehicle not being in the same mechanic workshop.

The idea

maximize this advantage as much as possible. This means being able to do it using satellites (which is how it works).

To outer space

  • We started by building solar panels which would be on our aligner and on which would be our vision fo the vehicle on earth.
  • Then we added laser rays to create the atmosphere of communication
  • We generated a super render of plant Earth
  • We added the Moon
  • We applied the real screen on the screen on the Prism
Space Aligner
Space Aligner
Space Aligner


Prism, from another galaxy...

The communication was effective and conveyed the concept perfectly. Everyone happy.