Graphic Design


Cliente: Snap-on


The brief

Using keyholes in a mining environment, maximizing their hardness, strength and reliability in difficult and inaccessible locations.

The idea

Using keyholes as the wheels of a great mining truck.

The Know-How

We knew we were in front of a big challenge, because you don't usually find mining excavations arond the corner, neither the colossal trucks, etc, etc. So we started little by little.

Photography + 3D

  • We started with the keyholes with their correct postion, perspective and lighting
  • Then the floor, which we found at construction sites, travelling around several places
  • The dirt on the machines was added manually
  • The workers making decisions
  • Rocks falling off the truck


Once we had all the elements, the post-production stage was without doubt the most difficult, working with every detail at pixel level.



Mining: The Great Work

We generated an art that exceeded expectations by far. The image communicates an angry environment, hard to get to, where big men and big machines work hard to succeed. We were not the exception, but we did it from our computers...