Graphic Design


Cliente: Snap-on


Communicating a “go green” concept and also presenting a tool... mmmhhh....


Screw drivers manufactured under every ….... standard. Light, agile and easy to use.

The idea

The idea was pretty simple at first sight. Scre drivers swarming in a field of flowers, far away from the noise and smog of the big city, attratcted like hummingbirds to flowers with crews in their centre.


Hands to work!

We started to build the landscape, with hundreds of flowers generated in 3D and organized digitally. Also tens of photographs of different screws from different angles.

Generating the wings

We had to work that out digitally. First we built them in 3D and then we adapted the perspectives by adding the effect of speed.


Final result?

Numeorous screw drivers with their respective flowers in a mountain environment, pure, almost dreamlike. Environmental-friendly!