Graphic Design


Cliente: Bahco


The Beginning

Working with these beasts is no easy task, let alone when they are hungry! We'll show you how we faced such monster and how we accomplished this spectacular image.

The tool

Is there something more powerful than the jaws of a furious crocodile? Yes! Bahco's new Quick Clamps!

The challenge

To achieve these graphics, first we had to find and photograph this animal. Luckily we were able to do that and then we generated all the tricks and pictures starting from the crocodile itself.

The right moment

As we needed to get a close picture, we had to be really near the animal which added an extra dose of terror to the job!! But in the end we were able to get the desired picture.




Summing up, we achieved an image that shows the power of the Quick Clamps as they clamp the crocodile's jaws.