Graphic Design


Cliente: Snap-on


Achieving an art of this type is not something you do in 1 week, let alone when you have more than 2 million 3D polygons to render...

The brief

From the beginnign we had many elements to bear in mind... Pneumatic tools like bees, a tool cart as a beehive, keyholes where the honey was... All that in field of really golden wheat, a havester on the background and, if possible, a farm.

The idea

Try to do what the brief said!

Step by step

  • Build the wheat in 3D and multiply it by hundreds
  • Photograph the tools as if they were flying
  • Build the fence in 3D
  • Model the wings in 3D
  • Photograph tens of keyholes and put honey in them
  • 10 days of post-production


Killer bees!!

although these bees are known for ther excellent performance, we were the exhausted one after doing the job... :) But it really worked and we are very proud.