Graphic Design


Client: Snap-on


The challenge was as big as the expectations for this tool. Let us tell you all from the beginning.

The brief

We knew this screw driver was intuitive, agile and, above all, anatomical.

The idea

On the basis of its shape and of the environment where it is more frequently used, we created the idea of a super chopper with a futuristic anatomy sliding through the highway as a powerful force.

The beginning

We began to study the chopper world, the clothing that fans wear the shoes, the posture while driving, their tattoos and the eccentricities of their choppers. We understood that the chopper is for the drivers an extension of their own bodies and that's were the connection between them lies. We could miss no detail.

The environment

the synergy that exists between the rider and the chopper makes the engine almost never stop.
That's why we wanted to convey this through the dawn of a sunny day. For that background, we traveled until we found the perfect frame for our environment.

The chopper

Building the chopper was a great challenge. Real photography combined with parts in 3D in order to convey the concept in a realistic way. Several photo sessions were carried out to get this, emulation the light of the environment.

The biker

Without doubt, it was one of the most important aspects of this image, as we were humanizing the concept, and we needed to understand very well the concept of the biker. We decided on young, well-built person, with a lot of character. Someone who is up to such a motorbike.



Snap-on clothing...

the final result of this image left everyone feeling very satisfied. You can appreciate the motorbike with a screw driver heart, although we had to generate many alternatives with different outfits depending on the season of the year around the world at the time of the release. Excellent performance!

Graphic Design