The Original

We are delighted to introduce to you our “The Originals” campaign which we developed for our client Bahco.

The Original by Bahco

The main goal was to highlight Bahco as the pioneer in designing and developing the most renowned hand tools in the world and emphasizing the wrench.

In order to get to countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, New Zealand and England, we devised a viral video featuring a mechanic who catches a fly with his wrench, making it really clear how accurate the tool actually is.

In order to accomplish this, we became true experts in dealing with flies. We learned how to capture them, how to keep them alive, manipulate them and, by the way, we taught them some acting skills!

Thousands of users around the world …............................................... and spent hours surfing through the Website of the campaign, watching the viral video, uploading images, participating for a chance to win huge prizes and getting to know Bahco's original products.

It's worth pointing out that the viral video reached its goal: to make people all over the world wonder whether what they were watching was real or not. What do you think?


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