Click and get a grip

During the first months of this year we have created the “Click and get a Grip” campaign for our client Bahco.

Bahco Handsaw System

The goal was clear: to let the international user know about the benefits of the revolutionary interchangeable hand saw system “Bahco Handsaw System”.

For that we created a viral video in which you can see a group of professional carpenters pulling extraordinary tricks with Bahco's handsaws. Making this less than one minute long video demanded weeks of study, rehearsal, days of post production and and dozens of discarded scenes.

Users from countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Spain, New Zealand and England joined the experience registering in the site of the campaign and playing the video over and over trying to discover “the trick of the magician”.

The final result reached its goal: making people wonder whether what they were seeing was fake or real. What do you think?



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